As well as a spacious, bright interior, each of the 29 rooms has access to secluded gardens and intimate terraces. Our rooms are decorated in a style that fuses Peruvian folk art and traditional Andean designs with modern aesthetics and comfort. All rooms include: heating, hair dryer and safe.

Mountain View Suite

Six Mountain View Rooms are located on the second floor of the five rooms units. As their name suggests, they have private balconies with panoramic views of the surrounding valley and the Andean peaks that dominate the horizon. These rooms are furnished with King-sized beds and sitting rooms.

Garden Suite

There are twenty three Garden Rooms, located on the first floor of all the units. Each of these suites has its own private outdoor terrace, as well as access to the hotel grounds, and is furnished with two double or tree beads


Cost per room (SWB or DWB): US$ 180.00 (*)
Day Use: US$ 90.00

*Includes buffet breakfast and 10% of services; It does not include 19% for IGV.

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